About us

Skånemejerier cares for the Swedish dairy farmer and the diversity on the Swedish dairy market. Names like Skånemejerier, Bravo, Allerum, Hjordnära, Åsens Lantmjölk and Lindahls can be found among our brands. We employ approximately 600 workers directly and many more in our vicinity. Around 520 dairy farmers in Skåne and southern Sweden deliver milk to our dairies.

We at Skånemejerier are very thankful for the tremendous consumer support shown in southern Sweden and the position as the dairy alternative this has given us.

We love milk

Skånemejerier is so much more than a dairy in Skåne. Everyone knows our products taste great, and that we are the ones behind the delicious Bravo juice. In the past year we have also come to understand that the Skånemejerier brand stands for more than that. Buying locally produced milk is for many people a conscious act, a commitment. This has created a strong bond between us and the consumers, which is something we are very happy about and take great pride in. 

Presence – Taste – Health

These are the three sturdy legs we stand on – just like a good old fashioned, three-legged milking-stool.  


Anything that can be produced locally, should be produced locally. For us, it’s never far between the dairy farm and the factory.

Presence isn’t all about geography. We must also be close to you, the consumer. It should always be easy to contact us, and we should always listen and react quickly!

You are welcome to connect with us here


Milk isn’t always the same as milk. Yoghurt can be creamy in many different ways and Sour milk that is carefully produced tastes better. Butter tastes different depending on how it is churned, and craftsmanship is key to making a delicious cheese. Taste can’t be measured in numbers – it has to be experienced! Read more about our products


Feeling good and living healthy is as much about eating pure, nutritious food and products with beneficial bacteria as exercise, fellowship and happiness. With this, we also want the animals on the dairy farms to live well.

Our trusty collaborator Kalvin stimulates our pre-schoolers to live healthy in harmony with nature. Read more about Kalvin here

The innovative dairy

We do what others merely think of doing. We develop smart new cooking products and infuse our juices and fruit drinks with probiotic bacteria. Our farmers present our products in stores and we produce local cheeses. What we will do tomorrow, we are already figuring out today and you can bet it’s something we haven’t done before – that’s what it’s like being innovative.

Running a dairy is tough work. Retailers demand the suppliers of milk to also offer lactose-free Crème Fraiche, butter and more. A local dairy can’t always live up to these demands, which is why we cooperate with food producers in the region.

We are also owners or co-owners of a few smaller dairies. An example of this is Hjordnära, in Hjo. They produce phenomenally good organic products. Great cheese is produced at the dairy in Skottorp, and Lindahl’s dairy import niche products from abroad.

What will happen in the future is not clear, but there will be plenty to do. Our vision is for local food to reach as many people as possible, and we will continue working towards this goal – that’s a promise!